There is a lot of information available to active and passive job seekers about finding their dream job and how to be creative to beat their competition. A common theme I have seen with the advice given is that applying to job postings are a waste of time, that it’s a black hole and not the best way to find a job.

Here are four reasons why your job postings are not attracting the talent you are looking to hire:

  1. Job postings are becoming one of the least effective ways of finding the right candidate for job openings. A majority of the resumes received from job postings are from candidates not qualified for the position. They don’t have the skills, experience or education that the position requires. This results in a ton of wasted time going through hundreds of job applications and zero hires.
  2. LinkedIn is a highly desirable way for job seekers to find their next position. With all the hype on how recruiters and companies are using LinkedIn to find high-quality people to fill openings, fewer people are looking at job postings and spending more time connecting on LinkedIn and updating their profiles.
  3. There’s a large number of people who are interested in seeing what’s out there but don’t have the time or desire to look at job postings. These individuals rely on networking, referrals, and getting calls from recruiters and headhunters, to inform them about job openings.
  4. Job seekers are being persuaded by career coaches and information on job searching out on the web, to be cautious of job postings. They are learning that their chances of having their resume seen are very slim, that companies post jobs because it’s protocol and the position is already filled and that sometimes job postings are for positions not even open yet and only to gather resumes. So, job hunters are spending less time looking at job postings and more time working with recruiters and networking instead of relying on the computer.

I would say that 95% of the positions I successfully fill with my clients, is due to me actively looking for individuals, using various resources to search for skill sets, competitors and having conversations with people. Companies who are not interested in paying recruiting fees, don’t realize how much time and money they are wasting by using job postings and going through piles of unqualified resumes.

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