COMPANY INDUSTRY: Steel Manufacturing
POSITION: General Manager

SITUATION – A Steel Manufacturing Company was looking to hire a General Manager of Plant Operations for their state of the art Finishing Facility.  The company wanted someone to come in and offer new ideas, perspectives and processes, to help the facility continue to move in the right direction.  They were looking for someone to come from the same industry, with experience within the finishing operations.

RESULT – Sarammi Recruiting Specialists researched and put together a list of competitors and targeted high level Managers within the areas of Finishing Operations.  Within 3 weeks, 4 candidates were presented to the client and one candidate started going through the interview process immediately.  The client also had an interest in one other candidate that was submitted, who never got the chance to start going through the interview process.  They were so impressed with the first candidate they interviewed, they brought them onsite and had an offer out to them within a few days.

Project started April 20, 2014 – candidate accepted the position in mid May and the start date is scheduled for June 30th


COMPANY INDUSTRY: Steel Manufacturing/Mini Mill
POSITION: Engineering Manager
LOCATION: West Virginia

SITUATION – The Vice President of Administration contacted us saying we were highly recommended to them for recruiting.  The mini-mill  had a critical position open for an Engineering Manager and had little success working with another recruiter for an extended period of time.  After assessing the needs and finding out what competitors and companies the organization would be interested in seeing people from, we started on our quest.  The organization was open to relocating the right individual, although someone local would be ideal.

RESULT – We spent 2 to 3 weeks vetting out Engineering Managers from the competition and similar manufacturing organizations.  We identified 3 highly qualified individuals and presented them to our client.

RESULT – Their top pick was a local individual from a direct competitor, who was not actively looking for a new role.  In my conversation with this individual, they expressed that although they were very happy in their current position, this other opportunity was intriguing because it offered more visibility in the organization, the opportunity to make more of an impact on the company by being involved in critical decision making and was clearly an upward career move for them.

Within 3 months of my initial conversation with the VP of Administration and starting this search, the position was successfully filled.


COMPANY INDUSTRY: Advanced Materials Manufacturer
POSITION 1: Inside Sales Manager
POSITION 2: Technical Outside Sales Representative
LOCATION: Pennsylvania

SITUATION: The Director of Business Development was referred to Sarammi Recruiting Services to assist them with and Inside Sales Manager.  The former Manager was leaving the organization to stay home and raise a family.  The client was looking for a strong sales manager who had the ability to lead an inside sales team, as well has having a background within the manufacturing and materials science.

RESULT:  Sarammi Recruiting Services researched materials manufacturing companies in the requested geographic locations and targeted Inside Sales Managers.  We identified 4 individuals to present to the client, 3 were interviewed and an offer was made and accepted to one of them

Project started March 14th, acceptance of position was made in Mid April and the individual started April 30th

POSITION 2: Since the client was happy with Sarammi Recruiting Specialists ability to find a qualified individual for their Inside Sales Manager, they wanted us to conduct another search for a Technical Outside Sales Representative.

RESULT:  Sarammi Since we already had a good source of organizations in the area, we targeted those companies first and identified outside sales reps.  We then expanded our search to other organizations and successfully identified the right individual for the company.


COMPANY INDUSTRY: Software Technology – Financial Services
LOCATION: Pennsylvania

SITUATION: We received a search request from a repeat client, who provides technology, custom designed solutions to the Student Loan Management Industry.  Sarammi Recruiting Specialists has become the “go to” recruiter for this organization when it comes to sales positions, due to the success rate of filling 1 VP of Sales role and 2 Inside Sales/Lead Specialists positions, all within the last year.

The company was  moving one of their Inside Sales/Lead Specialists to another department and needed to hire someone to fill that vacant role.

RESULT: Due to past research and discussions with key decision makers, we were extremely knowledgeable with what type of personality and professional experience a successful candidate needs to have, in order to excel with this company.We networked with and sourced several candidates, evaluating their background and experience, in relation to the requirements of the position.

Two candidates were submitted within two weeks of receiving the search request.  One of the candidates was chosen for a phone interview 4 days after being presented and brought in for a face to face interview within 1 ½ weeks from the phone interview.  One week later, the offer was made and accepted.




2014 (3 candidates were submitted, 2 phone interviews,
1 face to face interview, 1 hire)


2 hires in 2013 (hire#1 – 2 candidates were submitted, 2 phone interviews, 1 face to face interview, 1 hire)
Hire #2 explained above.


2012 (4 candidates were submitted, 2 phone interviews,
1 face to face
interview, 1 hire)


2012 (4 candidates were submitted, 3 phone interviews,
1 face to face
interview, 1 hire)