One of the biggest challenges any organization faces is employee retention. When an employee leaves, the management is left with the task to look for a replacement within a short period, as well as the responsibility to manage its impact on the rest of the team. When a team member resigns, people notice; and inevitably, it will make the others think whether it would be high time for them to go, too.

Hogan Injury posted an article on ways to improve employee retention titled: Five Things to Consider in Improving Employee Retention.

  1. Compensation. Employers must make sure that their compensation package is, first and foremost, in line with the mandates of the law.
  2. Work-Life Balance. Employees value a healthy work-life balance in the company they’re in. Burnout is one major reason for employees to quit, and sometimes it only takes some flexibility on the employer’s end to address this problem.
  3. Safe and Inclusive Environment. It is of utmost importance that employees feel that their work environment is free from discrimination and threats to their safety.
  4. Rewards and Recognition. Every employee wants to feel appreciated for the work that they do.  The rewards do not need to be expensive, as long as they send the message that the effort and ingenuity of the employee are much appreciated.
  5. Training and Development. Employers must also recognize the employees’ desire for growth and learning. As soon as the employees join the organization, the onboarding and orientation session becomes crucial in setting them up for success.

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