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What If You Could Save Time and Money When Hiring for Your Small Business?

If you ignore the poor resumes received from job postings and energy-sucking tasks of hiring, you will continue to waste your time and money.  Small businesses especially, aren’t in any position to have time or money wasted. Small Business Owners probably spend around 40% of their time on tasks that aren’t generating income such as [...]

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4 Reasons why job postings are not attracting the talent you are looking to hire

There is a lot of information available to active and passive job seekers about finding their dream job and how to be creative to beat their competition. A common theme I have seen with the advice given is that applying to job postings are a waste of time, that it’s a black hole and not [...]

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Five Ways To Improve Employee Retention

One of the biggest challenges any organization faces is employee retention. When an employee leaves, the management is left with the task to look for a replacement within a short period, as well as the responsibility to manage its impact on the rest of the team. When a team member resigns, people notice; and inevitably, it [...]

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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Increase Employee Retention

 Original article posted on LinkedIn For small businesses, retaining your most productive employees is crucial to improving your business long-term and eliminates financial costs. For example, from the article What Was Management Thinking? The High Cost of Employee Turnover it states: For entry-level employees, it costs between 30-50 percent of their annual salary to replace them. For [...]

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5 Questions you should ask recruiters before working with them

If you are considering using a recruiter to help you find your next star employee, you are going to pay a large sum of money (fee) for their services. Choosing a recruiter to work with is no different than purchasing any other product or service. You want to learn more about that product or service [...]

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Hiring Tips: 4 Reasons Why Using Multiple Recruiters Could Hurt Your Business

During my 20+ years in recruiting, many companies expressed their feelings on using multiple recruiters for their openings and why they see a benefit. Why Companies Think It's Beneficial The belief that having staffing companies competing against each other, will result in getting better service and a more aggressive search. They think they will receive [...]

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How I Saved a Small Business over $19,000 in Recruiting Fees

I know, it’s odd that a Recruiter is writing about how they saved a company money in recruiting fees because as you know, recruiting fees are up there.  Typically, recruiting fees run anywhere between 25% to 30% of a candidate’s first-year salary, sometimes even higher with retained search firms that work on C-Level positions. Today, I’m [...]

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