During my 20+ years in recruiting, many companies expressed their feelings on using multiple recruiters for their openings and why they see a benefit.

Why Companies Think It’s Beneficial

  • The belief that having staffing companies competing against each other, will result in getting better service and a more aggressive search.
  • They think they will receive a better array of available candidates.

Hiring Tips – Here’s an inside look at what goes on when a company has four or more recruiters working on an opening and how it could be harmful.

  1. Recruiters know that when a client has several other recruiters working on the position, there’s not much of a commitment to the client’s end. What makes you think that the recruiter is going to be committed to working that position? When recruiters are competing against each other, there’s a lack of commitment as well as poor quality of service given to the client.
  2. This important hiring decision becomes based on speed verse quality. Clients will get a number of resumes very quickly because the recruiters are racing to send a piece of paper hoping their candidate sticks. If there’s not a quick win and they have to actually source and recruit top talent, they will disappear and the resumes will stop coming.
  3. The talent most clients are looking for, usually are not on the job boards and not actively looking for a job. When recruiters are racing to get you resumes, they are pulling from the candidate pool that’s the low hanging fruit. You end up making the best decision from the worst talent pool.
  4. Your company brand and image could be looked down upon because candidates become suspicious if the job is represented by multiple recruiters.

If using multiple recruiters is working for you then great!

If on the other hand, the hiring tips here help you to see why it could be hurting your business, then I’m glad I could be of help.


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