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“For years we have struggled to find fresh talent to complement our existing team. In just a few short months Cori has landed us a top-notch plant manager and generated multiple leads to fill other management positions within our organization.”

20+ Years Of Recruiting Industry Experience

Our Consulting & Advisory Service includes working with Business Owners, C-Level Executives, Hiring Managers, Human Resources, and Internal Recruiting Teams, providing expert advice and guidance on sourcing, recruiting and hiring strategies and techniques.

For Small Businesses who don’t have the time or resources for recruiting and hiring.

For Small to Mid Size Manufacturing Organizations struggling to identify and recruit key individuals.

For Individuals or teams who want to improve their sourcing and recruiting strategies.

We uncover your hiring and recruiting challenges and implement a step by step system so that finding, evaluating and attracting the right employees for your organization, is an easier and more efficient process.

Some areas we help:

  • Retaining the employees, you have.
  • Targeting individuals from competitive companies.
  • How to use LinkedIn, Job Boards and other online resources to source the type of talent you are seeking.
  • Setting up an applicant tracking system to track your candidate flow easily.
  • Why you should be on social media and how to attract talent to your company website and social media outlets.
  • What questions to ask for effective phone screening techniques.
  • Creating job descriptions and job postings.
  • If and when to use a recruiter and how to find the right one.
  • Where is your target market hanging out?
  • How to attract talent from larger organizations to your small business.

Don’t Have Time to Recruit Yourself?

In addition to guiding you through the challenges you are experiencing, we can take on the time – consuming tasks of your recruiting process.

  • Create and develop job postings based on the criteria of the position.
  • Update your social media accounts with your “Hiring” information.
  • Identify and evaluate potential candidates.
  • Utilize various recruiting resources to locate individuals with the skill set you are seeking.
  • Coordinate and schedule face to face interviews.
  • Pre-screen and phone interview individuals.
  • Set up an applicant tracking system specifically for your organization for you to access so we can organize and track potential candidates.
  • Perform follow-up and feedback after interviews.
  • Call and check candidate recommendations.
  • Go through applications from your company website job posting or external job postings.

Other Services

Please inquire about additional services you may need help with

  • Upkeep of your social media pages.
  • Industry research
  • Developing search strategies that include targeting competitive companies and industries
  • Conducting cold calls for name generation (organizational charts, name gathering, titles)
  • Keeping your pipeline full by contacting candidates directly (via phone and email) and brief candidates on opportunities and interest level
  • Lead Generation and Follow-Up on Leads

Consulting Services are based on a Flat Monthly Fee and are typically conducted online and over the phone.
Contact me to determine if this service is right for your organization.

How I Saved A Company Over $19,000 in Recruiting Fees