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Headhunting & Search Process
Customized to suit your needs


  • In addition to the traditional recruitment process, I employ a comprehensive headhunting strategy. This involves the identification and proactive engagement of both off-market talent and active job seekers. I use a unique search process that includes Boolean Search, enabling me to uncover potential candidates from various resources. These resources range from company websites, directories, and associations, to press releases, social media sites, and multiple databases. This diverse approach ensures that no potential candidate is overlooked and that we are reaching out to the best talent in the industry.

  • To provide a more strategic approach to recruitment, I incorporate market mapping and competitor research into my services. Based on the skill sets or job titles required, I research the scope of available candidates in the job market, their geographic distribution, average salary, and current employers. This provides valuable insights into the talent market and aids in making informed recruitment decisions.

  • I offer to create and develop interview questions that align with the specific requirements of each role. By understanding your company's unique needs, culture, and values, I can formulate relevant, targeted questions that help determine a candidate's suitability not just for the job role, but also for your company's overall environment. This comprehensive approach ensures that the candidates shortlisted for further stages are the best fit for your team.

  • I will conduct a qualification evaluation of each candidate.  My in-depth evaluation will center on matching candidate qualifications to the specific job requirements as well as determining if the individual aligns with the salary expectations outlined for the position. Upon finding potential matches, I will forward the candidate’s resume and my evaluation to your hiring or management team. This will provide you with all the information needed to initiate contact if the candidate seems suitable.

  • Managing and analyzing incoming applications from your own job postings is often the most time-consuming part of the hiring process. I aim to streamline this process by taking charge of the initial receipt and evaluation of all incoming resumes from the job ads.

  • Post job descriptions already crafted and provided by your company to job posting platforms the company already uses. 

  • Create and develop job descriptions either using existing job information or gathering the information in a comprehensive discussion to understand the specific requirements and responsibilities for each role.

  • Based on the developed job descriptions, I will create engaging job postings and advertise them on platforms as per your preference. Please note that the cost of all job advertisements will be the company's responsibility.  

  • Manage the creation of company accounts on pertinent job posting sites if these have not been already set up. This will ensure that each job posting effectively communicates your company's brand, mission, and values to prospective candidates. I will handle these postings on your company's behalf, maintaining the highest level of professionalism and consistency in communication.

  • Alternatively, if confidentiality in hiring is a priority for your company, I also offer the option to post these job listings under my personal account. This approach guarantees your company's privacy during the hiring process. Both options are designed to allow for flexibility and customization based on your company's specific needs and preferences.  Please note that the cost of all job advertisements will be the company's responsibility.

  • I offer to coordinate interviews on behalf of your management team.

  • To prepare for future opportunities, I also engage in pipeline recruiting. This forward-thinking approach ensures that potential candidates are already being considered for any roles you foresee opening up in the future.

  • Transparency and regular communication are vital in a successful recruitment partnership. Therefore, I commit to providing weekly status updates, detailing the number of individuals we've reached out to, the candidates currently in the process, any challenges encountered during our search, and a list of individuals we are planning to contact next. This ensures you are always up-to-date on the progress of our recruitment efforts and can adjust strategies as necessary.


Monthly Billing

  • Invoicing starts at the beginning of the search and the company will be billed every month on the same date after that until I am notified about stopping services.

  • There's no cancellation of service during the month, only for the next month.  If you wanted to cancel the service, you would need to notify me before the next invoice goes out for the next month of service.

  • Payments are due within 7 to 10 days after invoicing.

  • Payments are made by direct deposit only.

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