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My Background

Introducing Cori Sachais, the dedicated founder of Mindful Recruiting Solutions. With a professional journey that began in 1992, Cori has established herself as a respected figure in the recruiting industry. Her career was initiated at an employment agency, where she demonstrated a keen eye for talent by expertly placing Legal Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, Office Clerks, and Receptionists in roles that matched their skills and ambitions.

Recognizing the shifting tides of the industry, Cori expanded her expertise into the technical sector, successfully recruiting a wide array of professionals including Engineers, Drafters, Designers, Software Engineers, and Programmers.

In 1999, Cori made the heartfelt decision to step back from her career to focus on raising her daughters. Her passion for the recruiting industry, however, remained undiminished. By 2004, she re-emerged as a Virtual Contract Recruiter for Spherion-Sourceright Solutions, delving into the nuances of Manufacturing Recruiting. In this role, she collaborated with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies such as Honeywell, Siemens, and Grainger, helping them secure top-tier talent for their organizations.

2012 marked a significant milestone as Cori embarked on an independent venture with the inception of Sarammi Inc., doing business as Mindful Recruiting Solutions. Her vision was clear: to assist manufacturers, industrial firms, and small companies with up to 100 employees in their quest to identify, evaluate, and recruit the best possible candidates.

Cori's unwavering dedication and passion for the recruiting industry have been the cornerstones of her success. At Mindful Recruiting Solutions, she combines professional expertise with a compassionate understanding of both clients' and candidates' needs, ensuring that every placement is not just a transaction, but a meaningful step towards mutual growth and success.

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