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Mindful Recruiting Solutions is a woman-owned company, bringing 20+ years of expertise helping organizations find and engage with talent. 

Mindful Approach

  • AWARE of the challenges small manufacturers experience when it comes to hiring.

  • RESPECTFUL of your wants and needs in finding the right individuals.

  • APPRECIATIVE of the opportunity to work with you.

  • IN THE KNOW about your company, industry and the talent, we are seeking for you.

  • THOUGHTFUL of you and everyone within your organization, as well as the individuals we are seeking for our clients.


We are hired by organizations to help solve their most complex recruiting and hiring challenges.


Identifying key individuals using a headhunting process vs. traditional recruiting methods.

Help small businesses & organizations make better, quality hires, resulting in a higher retention rate.


Helping you to overcome the obstacle of competition for finding and attracting top talent.

Highlighting the benefits of working for a small business. 



"As a small company, we don't have a human resource department and it's great to have Cori provide us with talented candidates to fill key positions!" ~President at PES Inc.

"Cori is such a fantastic recruiter! She sourced, screened, and ultimately found our client their hire in just over 30 days. Her attitude is fantastic as are her communication skills. I really hope to be able to hire her again!" ~President at demiSourced

"We’d tried the bigger recruiting firms, but they seem to pull keyword matches out of a database with little regard to whether the candidate was a good match in skills or personality. Cori found us many qualified applicants. These were all candidates that we probably wouldn’t have found without her." ~President at Chroma Marketing Essentials

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