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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Cori is one of the most resourceful recruiters I have ever worked with. She always finds new and creative ways to source excellent candidates, and seems to thrive on the challenge of finding ways to locate the best of the best for very difficult and niche positions. Cori is also a natural at building strong relationships with clients, which strengthens her reputation as a veteran recruiter. I value Cori and her unparalleled abilities, knowing I can always rely upon her for support, teamwork and attention to detail. Cori is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any team. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Cori as a top-notch recruiter!”

Operations Manager, Staffing Partner

“Cori is a creative recruiter that is driven to identify quality candidates through out of the box recruiting methods. She leaves no stone unturned. Cori is reliable, responsive, and flexible and builds a strong rapport with her candidates and network. It has been a great pleasure working with Cori and I give her my highest recommendation.”

Sr. Vice President, Global Operations

Cori was recently referred to me for recruiting help and I couldn’t be more pleased to now have a working relationship with her. She is very in tune to my needs as an HR professional as well as my company’s needs. Cori only submitted highly qualified candidates and was very prompt with feedback. I look forward to working with her again and believe any company would benefit from having the assistance of such an experienced and personable recruiter.

Human Resources Generalist, Pittsburgh, PA

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Industries Served

Aerospace, Automation, Automotive, Aviation, Beverage, Building Materials, Ceramics, Chemical, Computer Software, Consumer Goods, Defense, Electrical/Electronics, Energy, Food, Heavy Equipment, Industrial, Machinery, Mechanical Engineering, Medical Device, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Raw Materials, Semiconductors.

Attracting individuals in high demand talent pools

We are recruiters, not ad placers. Our strategic search process allows us to find and attract individuals in high demand talent pools. Targeting competitors, having a deep understanding of the industry and utilizing research and data; allows us to know the best places to look for talent, where target individuals are spending time online, what the talent in the industry is looking for in a job, what colleges are producing the most graduates working in the industry and what the most sought after skills
in the industry are.

Partnering with you and your organization to help you make better, quality hires resulting in a higher retention rate

We are in the business of identifying, locating and evaluating some of the strongest professionals for our clients. We uncover solutions to your most complex recruiting and hiring challenges.