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The Fastest-Growing Labor Force: Boomers and Other 2020 Trends

An article on Yahoo!Finance shares information on the top job trends for the 2020 job market.

The article talks about the hiring boomers trend saying

  • "It looks like 2020 will be the year of the boomer ages 65 and up, as this segment of the workforce is growing faster than all other age groups, according to the BLS."

It also mentions the fear of a recession could

  • Change the way companies hire "Glassdoor expects employers to focus on hiring candidates who closely match the company’s values and goals, and who can weather a recession. This might mean letting go of candidates who are not, potentially opening up new hiring possibilities for the right people."

  • Allow for flexible work schedules "On the other side of recession fears, companies may allow employees greater flexibility such as telecommuting, part-time employees, outsourcing and gig-style jobs. For candidates who don’t want to work full time or always in an office, there may be more jobs that meet flexible needs."

You can read the full article here

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